Theatrical Headshots

Getting actors working is what our theatrical headshots do. We offer same day online proofs so you can start to make the decision of which two photos from each look you want us to retouch for you. We love working with people who are getting started with new management or agencies because the links we send you to your digital proofsheets can be shared with your people to get their input on which shots from your photo session will work best for you to get you called in for auditions.

Don Tinling, the principal photographer here at Hollywood Photo Studio, HPS, began studying acting at 15 having been bitten by the bug at an early age watching his father from the wings at the Broadhurst Theater on Broadway. Working with actors to get you working theatrical headshots is his groove. What’s important about Don is that he studied the craft of acting at schools such as HB Studio and Lee Strassberg Theater Institute. He learned acting techniques from legends such as Uta Hagen and Stella Adler. Having studied Method Acting, Meisner Technique and the work of Stanislavsky he is well versed in directorial and coaching skills to help bring out of his photography subjects something special, authentic and dynamic. He loves helping actors to be the best they can be to launch them off into a more successful career. If you are someone who is uncomfortable in front of a photography camera you will really have a great experience here at HPS because we think that being in front of a camera can be a fun, playful adventure of self discovery rather than a stressful “what should I do with my hands” kind of thing.

Our prices are managed to be helpful to early career actors. If you want to talk to us about what we can do to offer you a better price point because of where you are in your acting career, please open up that dialogue with us. We are very receptive to getting you authentic theatrical headshots that you can afford.