Branding Portraits

Here at Hollywood Photo Studio or HPS we offer you specialized branding portrait sessions. We can come to your place of business, workspace, office, showroom or a place you desire. We can also suggest one for you. These special types of pics show who you are and what you do.  We really want to bring out the spirit of you. If you are looking for a headshot or portrait that is something special, let’s collaborate with you to come up with a photograph of you that captures something special and unique. An image speaks louder than words. The world needs to see the beautiful work you love to do and how beautiful you look in the world you do it in. Let us create magic for you at our convenient West Hollywood location. (We have free onsite indoor parking for you. 🙂 ! ) Our studio is very versatile and we love to create special environments that are designed specifically for the narrative you are looking to convey. We don’t put a time limitation on the creative the work for you. If you like the idea but not sure what your narrative portrait could look like, let’s have a chat and brainstorm a fabulous idea for you. One thing we certainly don’t do is cookie cutter work. As artists ourselves, that doesn’t fulfill our creative drive, so you can be sure what we are going to make together is unique and special for you. No one else will be bringing your dish to the party!  Call, text or email us and we’ll create a narrative portrait for your social media and promotional materials to help propel your career into greater success.

Here is a link to a healing artist who we created this type of images, for as well as other images for his website.

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